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Discover the new luxury garden furnishings that Serralunga will be presenting at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2016 12-17 April 2016 Rho Fiera.


The Salone del Mobile 2016 is, for Serralunga, a synonym of luxury furnishings. The company will be attending this international design show with a new stand that blends elegance and innovation. The thread that connects the 2016 novelties are the lacquered colours, which will tinge with gold, silver and titanium our prestigious outdoor furnishings, giving them a layer of magnificence that is the fruit of revolutionary research and techniques.

The Furniture Trade Show is one of the most important events in the furnishings sector, and is an exceptional shopping window. Serralunga will be giving plenty of air time to its new products, garden chairs and armchairs, outdoor tables, design partitions, lighted sofas created for you by famous designers. Simultaneously, we'll be pointing our spotlights to the reinterpretation of Italian design in its most prestigious products, presenting them with a new look, more luxurious, unexpected.

On the same days of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan will be hosting numerous collateral events related to FuoriSalone.

Salone del Mobile

Serralunga will be attending the Fiera del Mobile in the company of important designers such as Azumi Shin, Christophe Pillet, Garth Roberts, Raffaella Mangiarotti and Giovanni Giacobone & Massimo Roj, who will be presenting their new outdoor luxury furnishings creations, designed for our company.

Salone Satellite

This year the theme of the Salone Satellite is "Nuovi materiali, nuovi design / New Materials, New Design", exploring how much more new material sciences offer . Two of Serralunga Vas -one pots, designed by Luisa Bocchietto , have earned a prestigious position : one of two design pots will be positioned in the Arena of Salone Satellite 2016, while the other one in the hall that leads the audience outside.

Triennale di Milano

Vas-one, a classic Serralunga icon designed by Luisa Bocchietto, has been selected by Silvana Annicchiarico for the new edition of the Triennale Design Museum, titled “W.Women in Italian Design”, which pays homage to women's design in Italy in the 21st century.

Permanente_The Art of Living

From Monday, April 11th to Sunday, April 24th, 2016 , at the Palazzo della Permanente in Milan will be hosted the exhibition "The Art of Living", a dialogue between technology and furniture that presents the excellence of contemporary design. Serralunga will work with this prestigious event by donating two garden pots New Pot. Azzurro di Provenza and Neve di San Candido are the selected colors..

New hues of lacquered colours

Serralunga has added to its colour palette new metallic finishing options (gold, bronze, copper) obtained with a special metal powder coating (95%), applied with a primer. News for the classic super glossy lacquers as well: the catalogue now offers dark grey, light grey, black, coral red, and Tiffany blue. The line of metallic and lacquered finishing options will be introduced for the first time at the Salone del Mobile.

Luxury Design

The theme of the Salone del Mobile 2016 for Serralunga is “luxury in outdoor design”. The stand and the novelties have a dual purpose: to introduce to the international market of innovative design, products with technical and aesthetic characteristics that target a demanding and sophisticated public; luxury is then highlighted by the use of precious colours and lacquers. Targeting the sector of tailor-made furnishings to introduce its luxury furnishing products within luxury restaurants and hotels.

Metallic metabolisation

In addition to the novelties of its collections, Serralunga now boasts an extraordinary innovation in the finishing sector. Exclusively at the Salone del Mobile, Serralunga will be introducing its special metallic finishing, the result of an innovative metabolisation process that makes it possible to apply metal to plastic surfaces without using heat. The final result is a product that boasts all the characteristics of a piece of metal, including structure, shine and heat conductibility, and yet is incredibly light thanks to its polyethylene structure. The treated product feels and acts as if it were completely coated with molten metal - the finishing is metal for all intents and purposes. This is not a metallic paint, but a metal composite. The new finishing is available in Opaque Titanium, Opaque Copper, Opaque Bronze, Brown, and Dark Grey.


Design Raffaella Mangiarotti
Proportions were well studied for the compact Bay lounge chair: its seat was designed to comfortably embrace the seater. Light, harmonious, essential, small in size, characterised by a marking on the contours and the back of the backrest similar to the seam lines of a seamstress shape, reminiscent of the upholstering of a fabric armchair.

  • Material: polyethylene
  • Technology: rotational moulding
  • Dimensions: 65 cm x 65 cm x h 70 cm
  • Colours: all of Serralunga's Opaque colours


Design by Garth Roberts
Juju sounds like a child's game, but it also means a small amulet. Small size and simple shapes are the main features of coffee table. Stable and light, it is very easy to handle. A versatile complement with playful aesthetics, Juju is also available with inner lighting.

  • Material: polyethylene
  • Technology: rotational moulding
  • Dimensions: ø 52 cm x h 50 cm
  • Colours: all of Serralunga's Opaque colours
  • Source of light: LED RGB (IP67, IP68)


Design by LineeVerdi (Stefania Naretto e Chiara Otella)
Kentia is a modular panel inspired on the leaves of Howea forestiana, a tropical plant often used for indoor decoration. Thanks to its essential line, the Kentia panel is highly versatile, an excellent solution to partition a room without the need to build permanent or space-consuming brickwork walls.

  • Material: polyethylene
  • Technology: rotational moulding
  • Dimensions: w 90 cm x d 5 cm x h 150 cm
  • Colours: all of Serralunga's Opaque colours


Design by Christophe Pillet
The Pine Beach line is inspired on the seashore, with its soft, rounded shapes. A rounded, embracing armchair that follows the human body's ergonomic shape, with a soft and futuristic line. Complete with sofa and armchair, suitable for indoor or outdoor areas. Thanks to their draining system, with a small drain hole for water, it is possible to sit on these pieces even after heavy rain. Both the sofa and the armchair are also available with inner lighting.

  • Material: polyethylene
  • Technology: rotational moulding
  • Dimensions: armchair 66 x 70 x 76 cm - sofa 81 x 180 x 76 cm
  • Colours: all of Serralunga's Opaque colours


Design by Shin Azumi
This stool is characterised by a mixture of materials: the round seat is made of coloured polyethylene and from it four wooden legs branch out, bound together by a ring-shaped footrest made of polyethylene in the same colour as the seat. Bulbil is suitable for indoor or outdoor bar counters, and its shape reminds us of that of a cocktail glass turned upside down.

  • Material: polyethylene and wood (beechwood treated for outdoor use)
  • Technology: rotational moulding
  • Dimensions: overall size: 56 cm x 56 cm x h 75 cm (seat diameter: 37 cm)
  • Colours: all of Serralunga's Opaque colours



Design by Giovanni Giacobone & Massimo Roj, Progetto CMR
The metal tubular structure of this chair, with a single-piece polyepropylene shell, is reminiscent of the harmonious viennese style of the late nineteenth century. Its soft and embracing line is reinterpreted with a contemporary accent, making it perfect to furnish outdoor spaces and informal indoor areas with simplicity and timeless elegance.

  • Material: polypropylene and tubular metal
  • Technology: injection moulding
  • Solea with armrests 65 x 56 x 73 cm; Solea without armrests 62 x 55 x 73 cm
  • Colours: white (single colour)


At the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2016, under the art direction of Raffaella Mangiarotti, Serralunga will be confirming its cooperation with Christophe Pillet, a designer who has created famous long-sellers for us in the past, introducing his “Pine Beach collection: sofa and small armchairs inspired in the softness and sinuosity of coastlines.
Serralunga is also trying new joint projects with Italian and international designers: Shin Azumi has designed “Bulbil”, a stool that looks like a bulb, made of a mixture of polyethylene and wood, while Canadian Garth Roberts came up with “Juju”, an easy-to-handle stool/coffee table that is small in side and whose playful name matches its own nature.
There is also “Bay”, the compact lounge chair by Raffaella Mangiarotti, characterised by a marking on its contours that reminds us of a seamstress's model; the “Solea” chair by Giovanni Giacobone & Massimo Roj, Progetto CMR inspired on Viennese Bauhaus; and the singular modular panels “Kentia”, designed by LineeVerdi (Stefania Naretto and Chiara Otella), inspired on the leaves of Howea forsteriana, a tropical plant often used in interior design, conceived to partition certain areas of a room without the need for permanent brickwork or space-consuming structures
Press stand meetings for:

Christophe Pillet - Tuesday April 12th at 2pm

Garth Roberts - Wednesday April 13th at 11am

Shin Azumi - Wednesday April 13th at 11am

Giovanni Giacobone - Saturday April 16th at 2pm


Serralunga gravitates around Italian design. Together with international designers, it creates spectacular collections of garden furnishings. Its products are a blend of shapes and unique interpretations, capable of transforming purely functional objects such as garden flower pots into extraordinary decoration items.
In addition to its garden flower pots the company also focuses on other items conceived for outdoor design and for the sector of taylor-made furnishings, targeting luxury hotels and restaurants, spas, lounge bars: garden chairs, garden tables, lighted sofas, lighted armchairs and outdoor lighting, re-invented to provide outdoor areas, such as terraces, swimming pools, parks, piazzas, restaurants and foyers of prestigious hotels with the same importance of indoor areas.



Each single garden furnishing item is made of waterproof materials. Polyethylene and rotational moulding are the main features of numerous outdoor lighting items by Serralunga. This year the company is focusing on luxury furnishings for indoors and outdoors, attending the Salone del Mobile Milano with several novelties for this sector. Lady Jane and Miss Jane will be drawing all eyes with their new lacquered colours.



Two strong assets of Serralunga are undoubtedly its garden flower pots and lighted flower pots. Lighted flower pots are typical Serralunga representatives all over the world. Vas-one and New Pot are the must-haves of the collections, available in different colours and sizes.
The lighted flower pots are available in different versions: cordless, with power-saving light bulbs, or with LED RGB system.
And who could possibly forget the sculpture flower pots like Holly All and Missed Tree collection, which will be displayed at the stand in their new lacquered versions.

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